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REBOOT #191 Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction with Erin Michos MD

July 18, 2022 | By


Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Lipids Update! Get up close and personal with ASCVD prevention and lipid management guidelines, including changes in the 2018 update, with our discussion with Dr. Erin Michos @erinmichos, preventive cardiologist and associate professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital! We review the background on the ASCVD risk calculator, basics of primary and secondary prevention, statins benefits and misconceptions, appropriate follow-up, cool things to look out for in the future, the deal with medications like aspirin and icosapent ethyl, among many other things! If that wasn’t enough, Dr. Michos also goes over great ways to counsel patients on healthy living and when that darn statin is giving you the “muscle aches”! Get the original show notes here!

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  • Producers: Christopher Chiu MD FACP FAAP; Jasneet Devgun DO; Justin Berk MD MPH MBA; Beth Garbitelli MD
  • Writers: Jasneet Devgun DO; Justin Berk MD MPH MBA
  • Infographic: Beth “Garbs” Garbitelli MD
  • Cover Art: Kate Grant MBChB DipGUMed
  • Hosts: Christopher Chiu MD FACP FAAP; Matthew Watto MD FACP; Paul Williams MD FACP   
  • Editors: Emi Okamoto MD (written materials); Clair Morgan of (audio)
  • Guest: Erin Michos MD MHS

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Show Segments

  • Intro
  • Getting to know Dr. Erin Michos
  • Picks of the Week*: Sparking Joy- concept for Marie Kondo (book and show), The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo; Shadowland, book by Peter Straub; The Crown, Netflix series; Catch and Kill, book by Ronan Farrow; Trick Mirror, essay collection by Jia Tolentino; Make it Stick, book by Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel
  • Digging into ASCVD Risk Calculator
  • Who should get 10 year ASCVD Risk assessment and what are the categories?
  • How Dr. Michos discusses healthy lifestyle and “Primordial Prevention”
  • What are “Risk Enhancing Factors”?
  • Who should get biomarker testing vs CAC scoring?
  • How Dr. Michos discusses statin therapy with her patients
  • How to address risks of side effects
  • Primary vs Secondary Prevention
  • “What should my cholesterol be?”
  • How often to follow-up labs?
  • Differences between stain intensity
  • How to manage side effects
  • PCSK9 inhibitor discussion
  • Aspirin, Fibrates and Icosapent Ethyl
  • High Risk vs Stable ASCVD
  • Take home points and the future
  • Outro

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