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Past Editions

July 19, 2024

Digest 55: SURMOUNTing OSA

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover nasal sprays to shorten URIs, new treatments for COPD, and...
June 21, 2024

Digest #54: Screening Ping Pong – New USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Updates

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover  New USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Updates. Plus climate change and...
May 24, 2024

Digest #53: A Stent Per Plaque Keeps the Heart Attacks Back?

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover  PREVENTing Vulnerable Plaque Rupture….plus Heart Failure Mortality Backslides, Statins and...
April 20, 2024

Digest #52: A Spring Special

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover Perils of Accelerated Drug Approvals, Beta Blockers after MI, Naltrexone...
March 22, 2024

Digest #51: A Mid/Mad March Edition

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover SELECTing patients for semaglutide, new treatments for food allergy,  guideline...
February 17, 2024

A Special 50th Digest

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover ARDS Guidelines, Vermont’s new fungal problem, TRAVERSE and fracture risk,...

Digest 44 - 08/18/2023

Top Hits of the Summer, from A(lpha gal) to Z(uran Plus deep dives into bempedoic acid and the dementia drug saga!

Digest 43 - 07/14/2023

A Juicy July Digest - Whether it’s kiwis for the bowels, DOACs for cancer-related clots, or testosterone safety in those with heart disease, we’ve got you covered.

Digest 42 - 06/01/2023

The Real World–Is it the New Clinical Trial?

Digest 41 - 05/12/2023

Gummies, Statins in HIV, and XBJ–oh my! It’s a wide-ranging issue, from the contents of melatonin gummies, the interim results of REPRIEVE and much more!

Digest 40 - 04/28/2023

A DoxyPEP in your Step Plus more on C.diff treatments, NSAIDs in T2DM and more! Plus more on C.diff treatments, NSAIDs in T2DM, the USPSTF’s recommendation on skin checks, and resident work hours and safety outcomes.

Digest 39 - 04/14/2023

The Depression Trials, Revisited, plus steroids in the ICU, managing trauma coagulopathy with 4F-PCC, and the latest on coffee!

Digest 38 - 03/31/2023

A new, STELLAR option for pulmonary arterial hypertension? Plus coverage of the latest on race inequities in surgical outcomes, LDL targets for CAD, cooling after cardiac arrest, and more!

Digest 37 - 03/10/2023

We’ve got a boxing match between the SGLT2is and the DPP-4is, a role for SGLT2is in mitigating alcoholic flushing (and CAD?), and so much more.

Digest 36 - 02/24/2023

Plus more on fluids in the ICU, eating healthy, and cardiac disease monitoring...

Digest 35 - 02/10/2023

Aspirin for the orthopedic masses, Xylazine intoxication, and Vitamin D (to Defeat) Diabetes?

Digest 34 - 01/27/2023

Today's Menu: Diets, Diuretics, and Disparities in End-of-life Care

Digest 33 - 01/13/2023

An issue packed full of pessaries for prolapse, early fecal transplant, and discussions about multinational trial recruitment.

Digest 32 - 12/30/2022

This week, we’re ringing in the end of 2022 with The Curbsiders’ "2022 Picks of the Year."

Digest 31 - 12/16/2021

2022 in review, from Alzheimer's Therapeutics, to Long COVID, to SGLT2 inhibitors and much more!

Digest 30 - 12/02/2022

Targeting lipoprotein(a), culture-driven prophylaxis after prostate biopsies, Mab for COVID treatment in pregnancy, and so much more!

Digest 29 - 11/11/2022

Follow-up on SPRINT, Acetazolamide to augment diuresis, PSA screening, and comparing DOACs -- Lots of food, hot off the stove!

Digest 28 - 10/28/2022

Get the skinny on the latest pragmatic trial on colonoscopy screening, USPSTF recs on syphilis screens, polypills for CAD, and the GRADE data in T2DM

Digest 27 - 10/07/2022

Read up on the latest data on bivalent COVID vaccines, cancer drug costs, and mortali-tea--as well as a slew of tasty apps!

Digest 26 - 09/16/2022

We talk antibiotic duration in COPD, restricting salt in HFpEF, and racial differences in forehead vs oral temps to assess fever. This one's packed!

Digest 25 - 09/02/2022

We talk the August 2022 USPSTF Statin Updates, Psilocybin, and Legionella Risk Calculators. It's a wild one!

Digest 24 - 08/19/2022

This week, learn just how VITAL Vitamin D is, the value of the weekend warrior, and the dangers of the cascade of care in buprenorphine initiation.

Digest 23 - 07/29/2022

This week, we talk meds and their intended/unintended consequences--from flozins, gliptins, statins, and ezetimibe, to multivitamins and placebo!

Digest 22 - 07/15/2022

We talk 26-year follow up on a historic trial linking H.Pylori to gastric cancer. And too much Vitamin C? Yes, there is such a thing.

Digest 21 - 07/01/2022

JAK inhibitors for COVID, PRN ICS + SABAs for Asthma, CBT for PTSD and headache, and THC/CBD for pain. It's a good one!

Digest 20 - 06/10/2022

SPICE-Y IDSA Updates, Shingles and Exercise, and more on how coffee will save your life (?)!

Digest 19 - 05/27/2022

Is Coffee A Clear Liquid? Should We Discontinue that PPI? There's a new oral carbapenem?

Digest 18 - 05/13/2022

We talk aspirin for primary prevention and cancer prevention, and then round it out with some PICCLE talk.

Digest 17 - 04/22/2022

Hot takes on the 2022 ACC/AHA Heart Failure guidelines, as well as music for mental health, aspirin in COVID, and so much more!

Digest 16 - 4/1/2022

What's the drama with statins?! Benzo-sparing alcohol withdrawal, cannabis and cognitive decline, and MAT expansion--lots of hot takes!

Edition 15 - 3/11/2022

Salt in your Tylenol, Methenamine in your urine, and Steroids in your....lungs? We've got it all.

Edition 14 - 2/25/2022

EBV in MS, STEP 8 and weight loss, self-harm mitigation RCTs, and paying patients to get more affordable care

Edition 13 - 2/11/22

A Hearty Valentine's Digest, complete with STEP 8 for weight loss, and new AFib Recommendations

Edition 12 - 1/28/22

SAGE wisdom about when to intubate in COVID, the latest outpatient therapeutics, and the ultrasound JVP for volume assessment

Edition 11 - 1/14/22

Make like a PINETREE and read: We talk Remdesivir for outpatient COVID, Race in the HPI, intermittent fasting for metabolic syndrome, and the CLICK trial

Edition 10 - 12/31/21

End-of-year favorites from our favorite Curbsiders, including semaglutide for weight loss, High Flow for COVID, Non-profit status, and mRNA booster vaccines in the immunocompromised

Edition 9 - 12/17/21

We talk parathyroidectomies, PICCs vs Midlines, LDL < 40, low dose rivaroxaban for COVID, and Medicare premium increases

Edition 8 - 12/3/21

We've got it all--Early initiation of dialysis, Alcohol in AFib, and the 2021 CHEST updates on VTE management

Edition 7 - 11/12/21

Removing race from the GFR, avoiding stress in heart disease, and relapse after discontinuing antidepressant therapy

Edition 6 - 10/29/21

Take a sneak peek, and learn about E-Cigarettes in smoking cessation, Steroid dosing in COVID, Gabapentin and edema, and early discontinuation of DAPT

Edition 5 - 10/15/21

Dive deep into Rivaroxaban and the isk of GI bleed, consider referring patinets with OSA for surgery, and hold off on those probiotics for your ventilated patients

Edition 4 - 9/22/21

Read up on bariatric surgery and reductions in all cause mortality, low-fat diets for moderate pancreatitis, and the US vaccine mandate

Edition 3 - 9/8/21

We cover ESC Congress on the flu vaccine in acute MI and blood pressure goals, Ivermectin in COVID, and USPSTF screening for Diabetes

Edition 2 - 8/23/21

Wondering about best practices regarding alcohol abstinence prior to liver transplant, how to use midodrine for recurrent vasovagal syncope, or the newest USPSTF Colorectal Cancer Screening updates? Get your updates right here

Edition 1 - 8/9/21

Welcome to the Digest! We talk JAK2 inhibitors for COVID, shorter courses of Antibiotics, Vitamin D and cancer-related pain, and empagliflozin for HFpEF

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