Curbsiders Advertising Policy

The Curbsiders is an independent, self-funded corporation with dozens of team members worldwide. With few exceptions, our content is free for the audience but costs us thousands of dollars each month to produce. We rely on support from educational partners and advertisers (sponsors) to reimburse team members for their time and cover our overhead costs including our website, software subscriptions, marketing, newsletter, editing, and production.

We turn down advertisers that don’t fit our Curbsiders’ ethos, like ads for companies that promote gambling, tobacco, or firearms. Further, to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not advertise pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutritional supplements, or medical foods. We do not require our shows to accept advertising – the hosts can opt in or out as they see fit. If a sponsor seems acceptable to Curbsiders, then we will send it to hosts for their approval before we book any ads.

When an advertiser’s business model exploits employees, negatively impacts society, or conflicts with our team’s values, we decline advertising from that brand. It should be noted that we have limited control over non-host read, “programmatic” ads that run after our podcast or on platforms like YouTube, or our website.

In some cases, the decision to decline an advertiser is relatively straightforward, but other situations are more complicated, for instance when a brand is associated with another entity that is problematic. When this happens, we have internal discussions amongst our hosts and educational partners before booking the advertisers in question. Some examples include:

(a) When an advertiser shares corporate ownership with a different brand that engages in activities we don’t approve of.

(b) When a member of the advertiser’s executive team makes a personal statement or takes a stance that we object to.

Occasionally information will come to light that will make us reconsider brands after we have already contracted to advertise with them. Often, these contracts are written up several months in advance, and canceling them would jeopardize our relationships with the ad agencies responsible for the majority of podcast advertising. In these situations, to avoid negatively impacting our shows we might fulfill the rest of our contract and then decline future ads. In some extreme cases, we might cancel already-booked spots.

At The Curbsiders, we try to choose sponsors that will resonate with our audience. We do our best to vet potential advertisers, but we still might make mistakes. If you have any concerns about the ads we are currently running, please email us at so we can look into it.