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July 19, 2024 –

Digest 55: SURMOUNTing OSA

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover nasal sprays to shorten URIs, new treatments for COPD, and...
July 18, 2024 – Addiction Medicine podcast

#25 Methadone in the Clinic with Dr Ruth Potee and Dr David Frank

Transcript available via YouTube OTP yea you know me Make methadone a part of your practice. Learn how the methadone...
July 16, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#449 Travel Medicine, Malaria, Traveler’s Diarrhea, Yellow Fever, and more! with Dr. Boghuma Titanji

Get your patients ready to globetrot with our fantastic review of Travel Medicine with the esteemed Dr. Boghuma Titanji (@Boghuma)!...
July 10, 2024 –

#448 USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening

Transcript available via YouTube Updated recommendations and the reasoning behind them In this episode of The Curbsiders Podcast, the team...
July 10, 2024 – Teach podcast

#45 Clinical Reasoning Remediation With Sarah Vick, MD

Join us as Dr Sarah Vick @SVickMD shares practical techniques and frameworks from her workshop at AIMW24 on helping diagnose...
July 8, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#447 Rhinitis and Environmental Allergies with Dr. Olajumoke Fadugba

Transcript available via YouTube Elevate your rhinitis management! Learn from expert allergist Dr. Olajumoke Fadugba about rhinitis and environmental allergies....
July 1, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#446 Psychiatry Primer for the Hospitalist

Transcript available via YouTube Anxious about psychiatry on the wards? Don’t be! Join us with guest Dr. Aaron Gluth (Emory...
June 26, 2024 – Teach podcast

#44 How to make the 3-point shot: Humanistic Leadership With Kimberly Manning, MD

Transcript available via YouTube Join us for a live-recorded episode with the one and only Dr. Kimberly Manning. We cover...
June 24, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#445 DIGEST-Hotcakes: Preventive PCI, Andexanet Alfa for ICH, Aspirin for Fatty Liver, Naltrexone in Cirrhosis, Pivmecillinam for UTI, Cefepime vs Pip-Tazo, MDRO Decolonization, Microplastics and MACE, Pax-NO-vid

Transcript available via YouTube Join us as we review recent practice-changing articles on preventive PCI, andexanet alfa for ICH, aspirin...
June 21, 2024 –

Digest #54: Screening Ping Pong – New USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Updates

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover  New USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Updates. Plus climate change and...
June 17, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#444 Macrocytosis, Hemolytic Anemia, Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Transcript available via YouTube Recorded LIVE! At Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Step up your anemia game as we...
June 12, 2024 – Teach podcast

#43 How to be a Change Agent: Leadership with Stefanie Brown, MD

Transcript available via YouTube Listen as our esteemed guest Dr. Stefanie Brown @Dr_B_UMJMHIM (University of Miami) discusses how to successfully...
June 11, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#443 Primary Hyperparathyroidism: Stones, bones, and almost certainly some groans

Transcript available via YouTube Don’t just sit on that borderline calcium!  Learn how to approach hypercalcemia and work up primary...
June 5, 2024 – Teach podcast

#42 Learner Autonomy With Ben Kinnear, MD MEd

Transcript available via YouTube Join us as we discuss all things learner autonomy with returning guest Dr Ben Kinnear.  We...
June 3, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#442 Live from SHM #Converge24 Syncope with Dr. Dan Dressler

Transcript available via YouTube Don’t pass up on passing out! Stand up to syncope as Dr. Dan Dressler (Emory University)...
May 29, 2024 – Teach podcast

#41 Navigating Tough-to-Metabolize Feedback: Strategies and Key Concepts for Educational Leaders

Transcript available via YouTube With Dana Sall MD, MeD and Allison DeKosky MD Join us as we discuss responding as...
May 27, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#441 More Clinical Pearls (New antibiotics, syphilis, heart disease, cirrhosis, lots more!) from ACP #IM2024

Transcript available via YouTube More clinical pearls from ACP #IM2024, including emerging infectious diseases in the US (malaria, dengue, super...
May 24, 2024 –

Digest #53: A Stent Per Plaque Keeps the Heart Attacks Back?

Welcome Back to The Curbsiders Digest!In this issue, we cover  PREVENTing Vulnerable Plaque Rupture….plus Heart Failure Mortality Backslides, Statins and...
May 22, 2024 – Teach podcast

#40 Values Driven Leadership with Alliance Leader Dr Lisa Willett

Be inspired by Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine Leader, Lisa Willett MD, as we discuss her leadership journey, tips for...
May 20, 2024 – The Curbsiders podcast

#440 Hepatitis B with Dr. Arthur Kim

Transcript available via YouTube Become a pro in Hepatitis B! Dr. Arthur Kim teaches us how to approach Hepatitis B...

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