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May 15, 2023

#395 Dysphagia with Dr. Diana Snyder

There might be a lot to swallow, but you will master an initial approach to dysphagia in this episode. Review...
February 6, 2023

#380 Hemochromatosis with Elliot Tapper

Recognize when to consider the diagnosis of hemochromatosis  and how to recognize common mimics of an elevated ferritin level. We’re...
September 19, 2022

#355 GI Bleed with Dr. Tanvi Dhere

Upper and Lower GI Bleed Diagnosis and Management Transcript -The-Curbsiders-#355-GastrointestinalBleed.docxDownload Handle the gush of upper and lower GI bleeds with...
September 12, 2022

#353 Colon Polyps

Polyps, polypectomy & surveillance with Dr. Jennifer Maranki Transcript-The-Curbsiders-353-ColonicPolyps.docxDownload Learn how to recommend a good bowel prep, read colonoscopy reports,...
June 13, 2022

#340 Gallbladder Disease

With Dr, Rahul Pannala Transcript-The-Curbsiders-340-Gallbladder.docx-1Download Help your patients navigate gallbladder disease, including asymptomatic stones, incidental polyps, and uncomplicated cholecystitis. Dr....
May 9, 2022

#334 IBS, Functional Dyspepsia, and Cyclic Vomiting: Disorders of Gut Brain Interaction (DGBI)

Understand the conditions, set goals, fear diagnosis no more! Transcript-The-Curbsiders-334-GutBrainIBSDownload Learn diagnostic and therapeutic management strategies for IBS, functional dyspepsia,...
April 4, 2022

#327 Acute Pancreatitis

Rapidly treating Acute Pancreatitis might change its course! Learn what you really need to diagnose pancreatitis, when to use imaging...
February 23, 2022

#323 Pelvic Pain, Constipation, Long COVID (TFTC)

We recap the top pearls on pelvic pain, constipation, and Long COVID. It’s Tales from the Curbside! (TFTC), our monthly...
February 21, 2022

#322 H. Pylori Infection

Tips and tricks for healing up patients with helicobacter!  Say hi and bye to H. pylori infections! We review the...
January 3, 2022

#314 Constipation: When the Flow Won’t Go with Dr. Iris Wang

Summary Move smoothly through constipation evaluation and management. Learn how to evaluate for the various etiologies of constipation including pelvic...
October 27, 2021

#302 LFTs Triple Distilled

Fine-tune your approach to liver tests!  It’s LFTs Triple Distilled! Paul and Matt channel the wisdom of hepatologist, Dr. Elliot...
October 18, 2021

#300 Celiac Disease with Dr. Amy Oxentenko

Tighten up your glute-n facts! Tighten up your glute-n facts! Take control of celiac disease (CD) with gastroenterologist, Dr. Amy...
September 29, 2021

#297 CRC Screening, Common Skin Complaints, and Antibiotic Pearls (TFTC #8)

We recap the top pearls on CRC Screening, Common Skin Complaints, and Antibiotic Pearls. It’s Tales from the Curbside! (TFTC),...
September 6, 2021

#293 The Best of Liver Tests with Dr. Elliot Tapper

Take a walk through Liver Land with Dr. Elliot Tapper (@ebtapper on Twitter) as we stroll through the best of...
July 5, 2021

#283 CRC Screening: USPSTF Update with Dr. Michael Barry

Review of new 2021 screening guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Review the 2021 USPSTF Guidelines on Colorectal Cancer Screening (CRC screening)...
May 26, 2021

#276 TFTC #5: Chronic Diarrhea, Dementia, OHS, MSK Pearls

Recap the top pearls from recent shows on Chronic Diarrhea, Dementia, OHS, and MSK (Shoulder, Hip, and Knee).. It’s Tales...
May 24, 2021

#275 Bariatric Surgery for the Internist with Dr. Vivian Sanchez

Patient selection, perioperative management, and post-operative care What if we told you there was a powerful tool that could help...
May 3, 2021

#272 ACP 2021: The Highlight Reel Part 1

Binge on some delicious knowledge food fresh from ACP’s Internal Medicine Meeting 2021 #IM2021 with pearls on: Heart Failure, Hypertension,...
April 7, 2021

#267 Diarrhea Disemboweled Part 2: Chronic Diarrhea with Dr. Iris Wang

Transcript-#267-Diarrhea-Disemboweled-Part-2-Chronic-DiarrheaDownload Flow with us through Diarrhea Disemboweled Part 2 as Dr. Xiao Jing (Iris) Wang @IrisWangMD  walks us through the...
April 5, 2021

#266 Diarrhea Disemboweled Part 1: Acute Diarrhea with Dr. Iris Wang

Transcript-#266-Diarrhea-Disemboweled-Pt.-1-Acute DiarrheaDownload Flow with us through Diarrhea Disemboweled Part 1 as Dr. Xiao Jing (Iris) Wang @IrisWangMD  walks us through...

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