The Cribsiders’ Commitment to Health Equity and Anti Racism 

As a community of learners and educators dedicated to the health and wellbeing of children, we recognize that racism is a core determinant of health. It is our responsibility to:

  1. Acknowledge that health equity is unachievable unless racism is addressed through interdisciplinary partnerships with organizations that have developed campaigns against racism.
  2. Encourage community-level advocacy with members of those communities disproportionately affected by racism to develop policies that advance social justice.
  3. Call in team members to participate in interactive learning communities that promote cultural humility (eg, self-awareness, lifelong commitment to self-evaluation, and commitment to managing power imbalances). 

As we approach the work of educating a healthcare workforce, we commit to the following:


  • Building and retaining a Cribsiders team that is diverse and representative of the patients we serve
  • Recruiting and interviewing guests and experts that represent the same kind of diversity and values we seek to build internally


  • Using a health equity and anti-racism lens to all episodes, regardless of content 
  • Acknowledging health disparities and how those difference came to exist through structural racism and oppression 
  • Questioning race-based medicine given our understanding that race is a sociopolitical construct and not a biological or genetic one, and instead actively couch disparities through the lens of structural determinants of health as above


  • Continually growing our perspective on equity and justice just as we are continuing to refine and grow our depth of clinical skills and knowledge 
  • Listening to each other, trusting each other’s lived experiences, and uplifting the lessons we can teach one another
  • Creating a team culture of teaching one another, calling one another in when helpful, and to acknowledge the impact of actions whether helpful or harmful


  • Continuously question how we understand the evidence, and open our eyes to developing new knowledge so we can improve how we analyze, understand, and create evidence-based medicine

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